Useful Diet & Dose Info For Tongkat Ali

Please note none of the below has been confirmed by any official medical body in the western world such as the FDA etc as further testing on the herb is needed, and therefore the below is for informational purposes only. The below is simply advice based on that given by Sumatra Pasak Bumi, and may differ slightly from the recommendations given by World A.B.S and other manufacturers. In truth, manufacturers can suggest whatever they like to customers since there are no official guidelines.


For Tongkat Ali 1:200 extract, the standard dosage used in Indonesia for men is 1.2 grams (1200mg) per day to 2.4 gram (2400 mg) per day. Athletes may even choose to take 2 to 3 times that amount. This is not to say the dose is set in stone though, some people may be happy taking just 600mg per day, everyone is different.

First-day dosages should just be one quarter of your normal dose, and second-day dosages should be one half of your normal dose. The third day and onwards should be your normal dose, however as you body gets used to taking Tongkat Ali you may just want to go straight to your normal dose.

The dosage for women should be half of the dosages for men.

For optimal results, Tongkat Ali should be cycled on a 2-1 basis, e.g. 2 weeks on and 1 week off (best for beginners), or 8 days on and 4 days off, basically for every 2 days you take Tongkat Ali you need to allow for 1 day off. It is also best to follow the dietary recommendations given below to some extent. If the dietary recommendations are not observed, Tongkat Ali's effect may in some cases be diminished.

I personally now find that taking 6 caps of 1:200 a day for 6 days in a row, followed by 3 days off, is the perfect dose for me as it does not allow the body to get used to the Tongkat, which can result in loss of libido and overall effect, and it also allows you to take 6 caps a day and still get a full month from a 120 cap bottle! Also during the 3 days you take off, you can still feel the effects of the Tongkat! However I am an experienced user and this may be too much for beginners.


The following info has been recommended by Sumatra Pasak Bumi. This is not to say that it should be followed to the letter but at the very least you should eat more protein (if using to bulk up) and avoid to much chocolate and coffee (if you are taking Tongkat Ali as an aphrodisiac).

Also it is said to avoid seafood while on cycle as SOME people experience an allergic reaction. This has never happened to me but it has to some people.

On-cycles and off-cycles should be accompanied by different nutritional strategies. An on-cycle diet should be protein-rich: plenty of meat, processed meat like ham,salami, bacon, pastrami, as well as sausages, eggs, cheese (up to 500 gram per day are supportive), milk (land-animal foods). If you cannot eat enough of these or are a vegetarian we at poweroftheherb suggest buying some powdered shake protein such as whey protein etc.

It is recommended not to consume carbs-rich foods during a Tongkat Ali on-cycle, as carbs reduce libido. I seriously doubt anybody has ever stuck to this 100% but it can help.

Those who cannot go without carbs on on-cycle days can add nuts. The advantage of nuts over other snack food is that they will counteract the constipation caused by a meat-cheese-eggs diet.

The constitutive component of chocolate that does not go well with Tongkat Ali is theobromine. Theobromine interferes to a degree that varies from person to person, but it is never a positive contribution. However, theobromine usually clears from the body within 12 to 14 hours, and this is for how long its interference with Tongkat Ali lasts.

It is said that you should also avoid tea and coffee. It is highly unlikely anyone will be able to do so unless you already don't drink either, but it may be best not to over do it.

 If one happens to be a bodybuilder and wants to take Tongkat Ali also, carbs are a necessary part of the diet plan. In that case, the carbs (best will be nuts) should be eaten once a day, approximately 1 hour before training. The Tongkat Ali should be used after the training session, and again at the hour most distant from the training session.

Broccoli, cauliflower, soy-based foods, and garlic will be disruptive. One should therefore NOT consume broccoli, cauliflower, soy-based foods, and garlic during on-cycles. Because there are other, less severe interferences with Tongkat Ali from other vegetables and fruits, it is best to keep consumption of all fruits and vegetables rather low during on-cycles.

In order to avoid overall nutritional imbalances, the off-cycle diet should be different (or even exactly the opposite) from the on-cycle diet. During off-cycles, one’s diet should emphasize vegetables and fruit, with as little meat, cheese, and eggs as possible. Protein during off-cycles should come mainly from fish. Broccoli, cauliflower, and soy-based foods, as well as garlic, are good dietary choices for off-cycles. Furthermore, during off-cycles, whole-grain breads are well suited to prepare the body for the next on-cycle.

Once one is ready to again use the Tongkat Ali, one should stop eating whole-grain foods as well as vegetables, and switch back to a diet strong on meat, cheese, and eggs.

Drug & Food Interactions

If you take Tongkat Ali extract you should not combine it with Saw Palmetto or Pygeum, or the pharmaceutical finasteride (Proscar/propecia). All three can block any effect Tongkat Ali may have.All 3 are also known to cause impotence and lack of libido so unless you really need to take them they are not such a good idea. As stated above, chocolate and coffee can diminish the effect of Tongkat Ali, and also alcohol may diminish the effect.

Please be aware that the combination of Tongkat Ali extract with Viagra may cause a very noticeable histamine reaction. Facial flushing and a stuffed nose are typical indications of a histamine reaction.

Tongkat Ali Side Effects

Side effects are not much of a concern with Tongkat Ali, especially in those who have taken it for some time. Nevertheless, if your health isn't’t optimal, you may want to use less than the standard dosage for a few days, and then increase slowly.

Minor reported side effects include...

Insomnia, but this is contradicted by people reporting it helps them sleep, I too find it gives me a very deep undisturbed nights sleep, so i guess it is down to the individual. If you do experience insomnia, do not take close to bedtime.

High Libido

Rise in temper/anger/aggression


More energy

Weight loss

Bigger Penis - Unexplained and is very unlikely to happen at the recommended dose,I personally as an experienced user think it is a myth created by cruel marketers and nothing on this planet other than surgery will give you a bigger penis, to me it is just common sense. The study that indicated it might cause penis growth was done on rats and not humans, and they were given 30,000mg per KG of bodyweight, to see what dose killed them and obtain the LD50 values (lethal dose minus 50%). The average male human weighs 80kg so you would have to take a lot to get the same effect. This dose would probably have serious side effects on a human and may even be lethal, in fact I am sure it would kill them. Only an absolute idiot with a lot of money would try this, and if you take more than the manufacturers recommended dose you do so at your own risk. Also the rats penis was not the only thing that was swelled in size, some internal organs were also bigger so obviously it was not good for them and did more harm than good. A bigger penis is no good if you are dead!

To the best of our knowledge there are no known serious side effects from Tongkat Ali if used correctly and not abused or over dosed. As with all herbs you take them at your own risk and should always speak to a healthcare professional before use, especially if you suffer or suspect you may from a medical condition, or take any other form of medication or herb.

Never ever take a herbal supplement without consulting a doctor first.

You should never take Tongkat Ali if you are pregnant, breast feeding of have a hormonal or testosterone related condition.

Tongkat Ali should not be used to replace HRT and should not be the only thing you use for PCT.


IMPORTANT: Not one single prescription drug or herbal product on the planet that has ever existed has a 100% strike rate. What works for one person may not work for another person. This is common knowledge and a proven medical fact, therefore, as with all supplements and even drugs, there is no guarantee that the products sold on this site will have any effect on you, and you understand by purchasing our products that you are NOT entitled to a refund should this be the case. We do not accept returns under any circumstances on opened goods, as the products sold are consumable and can no be re-sold.